Signs And Causes Of Acne Problems

Acne is a fairly common problem faced by both men and women across the world. It is typically characterized by the appearance of blemishes on the skin such as pimples blackheads and cysts. The more obvious the appearance of the acne, the more psychologically damaging it is to the sufferer. This is because acne often occurs on the face and can be easily brought to the attention of others. This brings about a crisis of confidence in one’s appearance. Depending on the severity of the acne problem, a person may feel deeply embarrassed about being seen by others in that condition.

When pimples appear on the skin, they can appear red in color and eventually develop pockets of pus at the tip which will rupture. Nodules and cysts are another characterization of acne that are highly noticeable due to their larger size and often cause the sufferer pain. In such cases even after the bumps go away, here may be scars left behind that can take many months to clear up. For some people the occurrence of acne can be pretty rare, but for others it can be a persistent affliction. It is damaging to a person when they find they are the only one among their friends with such poor facial skin appearance.

There are many reasons why a person may be suffering from acne. One of the most common is hormonal changes. Because both boys and girls are affected by this change when they hit adolescence, it is fairly common to see teenagers suffering the problem. Majority will have outgrown this problem by the time they become adults but a few have it as an ongoing problem. It is commonly believed that those who consume foods that are fatty are particularly vulnerable to this problem but in reality this has not been proven to be true. Research instead indicates that foods that heighten blood sugar like carbohydrates and dairy may have a stronger link to the development of acne. Read these acne treatment reviews now to find out more.

Acne can also be a reaction to the ingestion of certain medications such as corticosteroids. The use of harsh skin care products is also another likely cause of acne. Many of the commercially available soaps, cleansers and shampoos in the market do irritate the skin and with some people can easily cause a breakout. On the other extreme, people who continuously expose their skin to dirt through such behavior as sleeping on a dirty pillow, or using a cell phone that is dirty will sometimes experience the same problem.